Common questions

Do you provide a Master Build guarantee?

A Master Build Guarantee is one of a number of residential build guarantees available in New Zealand. While it is a great product, we feel it is best suited to new build contracts where progress payments are taken by the builder. When your sales agreement goes unconditional you will pay a 10% deposit and nothing further until settlement. Your deposit on your new TGC property will be held in a Solicitors Trust account until the property is completed, title is issued, and settlement takes place.

All TGC properties come with a 12month defect period post build for faulty workmanship and faulty materials, and a 10year structural warranty as required by the Building Act. The products used during the build carry manufacturers warranties and are covered under the Consumer Guarantees Act.

Are there any body corporate fees?

Our homes are freehold titled, which means there is no body corporate. However each home has shared ownership of the development's driveway, carpark and shared landscaping. This means that each owner is entered into a Resident's Society which takes care of your home insurance, communal rubbish and recycling collection, maintaining/cleaning the shared grounds/landscaping and cleaning the gutters annually. The cost varies slightly between developments but is approximately $2200/year.

How does the intertenancy wall work?

TGC utilise's the Gib Intertenancy Barrier System for our intertenancy walls which consists of two fully insulated, timber frame walls that are separated by a 25mm thick plasterboard barrier between the frames. The Gib Intertenancy Barrier Systems for terraced homes provides airborne noise control ratings that exceed the minimum requirements of the New Zealand Building Codes Clause G6 – Airborne and Impact Sound and provides the passive fire protection in accordance with the requirements of New Zealand Building Code's Clauses C1-C6 – Protection from Fire.

Are the homes freehold or unit titled?

All of our homes are freehold titled which means there is no body corporate. Each home has shared ownership of the development's driveway, shared gardens and any carparking which means there is a Resident's Society which takes care of your home insurance, the rubbish and recycling collection and gardening and cleaning of the shared areas.

Are the homes double glazed and insulated?

All our homes are designed and built to meet the Building Code's H1 Energy Efficiency requirements, this means all of our homes are double glazed and fully insulated.

How does buying off the plan work?

We’ve created a step-by-step guide of what to expect when buying a home off the plans. Read our purchasers guide here.


How much deposit do I need?

All you need is a 10% deposit of the total cost to secure your home.

How do I understand the floor plan(s)?

There is a lot to consider when looking at your floor plans and sometimes it can be easier to chat through any questions over the phone. Feel free to give us a call and we can talk through the details of the plans. We may also be able to arrange a walk through of one of our completed homes.

How long does it take to build?

We aim to deliver every home within 12 months from the date of sale.

Why buy a new build home?

New homes are care free, lower maintenance, warmer and more efficient than older homes. This keeps its occupants healthy and the running costs to a minimum. New builds are also exempt from the recent Government tax changes meaning more money in your pocket.

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